Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Bird Baths

Bird baths are a lovely finishing touch to any yard or garden, and it so easy for any homeowner to have one. Regardless of how they came to be, bird baths have been considered as an essential addition to gardens and backyards all over the world.

Birds are always looking around for places to bath and drink and you can give them this by maintaining a clean and well-supplied bird bath. If you are considering purchasing one for your home but you have no idea where to start, here are some points to help you out.

What You Need to Take into Account When Selecting a Bird Bath

Shallow Water - A bird bath should not be a deep pool, but a shallow puddle of water; the water should not be any deeper than 3 inches and it should be shallower around the edges. Birds prefer to wade into the water instead of cannon balling their way in.

Moving Water - The movement of the water in bird baths will help attract birds. Your bird bath should have some mechanism to produce water movement such as heaters and drippers or a separate fountain designed for bird baths. It will be entertaining to watch the birds bathe and play in a fountain or a raised dripper. As an added bonus, water moving mechanisms prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in stagnant water.

Bumpy Bottoms - If your bird bath has a smooth and slippery bottoms, birds are not likely to stick around so make sure that the bottom is textured. A bumpy bottom will provide a good foot grip for the birds when wading into the water. Add a few rocks to the bottom of your bird bath.

Placement - Find if a spot with branches away from shrubbery or near from a tree hanging down so that the birds have a place to jump to when they need to escape from predators like cats. Your bird bath should also be place in places avoiding direct sunlight to give the birds some shade.

Types of Bird Baths

Pedestal - A pedestal bath is considered as the most traditional and most readily available of all bird baths in the market. These consistĀ of a bowl or basin that sits on a column and is supported on a base.

Heated - If you live in a place with a cold climate, you may consider buying a heated bird bath to keep the water in it from freezing over.

Fountain - This is a very appealing bird bath for birds because they are drawn to the sound of moving water.